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Maiden Sculls, May Term 2005

TDC in his single scull

Single sculls
in Stump
Tom Coker
Quarter finals
Beat Ben Langford (Jesus) easily
I'd had a bye in the last 16, so this was my first race whereas my opponent had had two, so I kind of expected him to be better off the start. This was indeed in the case, indeed I couldn't really have done worse without falling in. So I was at least a length down by the time I found a rhythm, rating a little low but effective in the water. I could see his puddles getting closer, and I had clear water by 300 metres. At this stage I was anxious to wind down to save myself for the pair race later, and fortunately the bank got in his way so I did.

Good to get through, but I'll need to find top gear and a decent start to do well tomorrow. (Tom C)
Semi finals
Lost to Colin Leonard (Pembroke) easily
After Monday's encounter in the pair, we were expecting a close race, so I was very keen to get a decent start. I did pretty well, and probably took a slight lead after the first few strokes. But it rapidly became clear that I couldn't control my blades in the headwind, and a couple of shipwrecks left me well down. Dan reckoned my cruising speed was faster, and I was definitely moving up when I got a few good strokes together. I'd hoped to get back into contention with the bend in my favour, but the wind was relentless and I conceded after a final shipwreck which left me about a length down after 300m.

He'd done a fair bit of training in the run up to STCS when it was pretty windy, whereas I'd not been out in anything that could shift a leaf. I reckon in calmer conditions I'd have had a very good chance of winning this event, but sadly it wasn't to be. (Tom C)

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