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Lent Bumps 2005

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Alex Davies

Rowed over
Well, no blades, no spoons. We roared off the start, cutting their lead to a length after three strokes on the inside of the corner, but as the river straightened and our stride failed to settle they held us off. Fitz then bumped Peterhouse, and our own FaT III bumped Downing, so by the end of First Post Reach we were chasing a double overbump.

As one of the only two boats left on the river, we stayed focused and soon regained the ground we'd lost on Jesus twisting through the bumped crews. Sadly down the reach they saw us, pushed back, and the distance was just too great.

Aiming for Peterhouse tomorrow. (Alex)
Indeed, our start was good, but we didn't stride to a nice race pace, and our RATIO was rubbish. We've now raced the whole course but tomorrow we want to row a lot better. (Neil)
Bumped by Caius III
This was unfortunate. The guys were closing nicely on Peterhouse II infront, and were probably just inside a length off at the motorway bridge, when Fitz II decided to catch a crab and get bumped back by Peterhouse, leaving the guys chasing an overbump. Meanwhile, Caius III behind had crept up on us, and were pushing the guys quite close near the top of first post reach. The Caius bowman's blade caught the FaT stern, and we were bumped out at 1st post corner. Might have been interesting if we'd have still been chasing Peterhouse, could have been quite close.

Friday sees us chasing Caius III for the bump (Peterhouse II for the overbump), behind starts Queens' III. (Richard)
Bumped by Queens' III
Our rowing is only getting better. The stride worked, though naturally there's room for improvement, and we more or less kept station with Caius ahead (the bump was never on).

We'd set ourselves for a long and gruelling rowover - says the cox - ahead of a fast Queen's III. Sadly, they were closing by the time we passed under the motorway bridge. We matched their first push, just about lived through the second, and then tried to survive the final half of first post reach with a few inches of overlap already conceded. They had more in the tank.

Well done to Queen's on a deserved bump, and to Caius in somehow overbumping by Grassy! Tomorrow we'll be looking to nail that stride, and maybe get some more power in the water as well. (Alex)
Rowed over
A technical rowover in fact. Girton and St Eds both looked on station behind us when we had to hold it up not long after the Motorway bridge due to Queens and Downing having cleared slowly. We held it up and Girton held it up, only for Girton's bank party to tell there crew to go for the bump, which they duely did on our near stationary crew. Smart move.

Fortunatley it was their bow and not out stern, cox or stroke that bore the damage. Eventually we were told it was a technical rowover, not the technical overbump on Peterhouse we were after! (Neil)

1. Rowing to the start
2. Bow 4 a bit on the e...
3. paddling home

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