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Lent Term 2005

Mixed VIIIs

Cardinal's Regatta (Fancy Dress), Fat Duck, The fastest duck on the Cam.

Quarter finals
Beat Peterhouse by 2 lengths
We set off very very late for the start, having had to search for a last minute sub, but eventually Fat Duck was launched and we were off.

The race itself was mercifully short and incredibly spacky, but miraculously we won. Unfortunately we had to scratch the next round as various parts of the duck had to run off to various non-ducky activities.

RIP Fat Duck: short lived, but much loved and sorely missed by all of the Cam community. (Amelia)
I'm quite impressed that we won, given that we had a somewhat unbalanced boat with three boys all on bow side, no head start (despite extensive bribery...), wings flapping uselessly in the water and an enormous duck head which can't have made it easy for bow to row at all, especially in the ridiculously strong headwind!

...Peterhouse were dressed up as FaT W1 in stripes, but clearly they weren't actually imported from New Zealand as the magical go-faster-ness wasn't working for them :oD

QUACK! (Erica)

1. Aww, group quack
2. I see you!
3. Kind of reminds you ...

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