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Lent Term 2005

Double sculls

Winter League, 2nd leg (2x), 1st Women's double

joint 4th out of 7 W2x
Time: 12:54
This race may have been reasonable had either of us been able to feel our hands for any part of it. Nevertheless, the first half was ok, only a fast St Neots double overtook us and we probably caught up slightly on the crew ahead. It almost fell apart coming towards the end, when not crabbing was the main aim! But we finished our first ever head piece :)
Also it was snowing! (Little Jenners)
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Winter League, 3rd Leg (Women's 2X), 1st Women's double, in the boat that doesn't go left

4th of 9 in W2X
Time: 12:54
Don't know the time yet, according to bank party it was probably about the same as last time. But unlike last time, it was a much better row, and felt as though we could've gone faster. Almost enjoyable! Bring on STCS!! :S (Lilie)
Amazing timing skills from Andy!
We got exactly the same time as the last race. There was definitely more of a head wind though and the majority of crews posted slower times for this leg.
Overall I think it was a good race. We did a slight 'Amy Wallace' going round first post corner but recovered quickly, and took a good line through the rest of the course (even if I do say so myself!) Was feeling really nice down the reach as we pulled away from the chasing crews. Rowing in a double is fun :) (Little Jenners)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Ladies doubles - shell), Double Sculls, Jenny and Erica - sratch crew

3rd of 3
Time: 14:10
My arms didn't work after my singles race, it was still very windy and Erica and I had never rowed together in a double before.

Excuses aside, I think we both agree it was a pretty ropey race. When looking at the result, take into account our stopping for a while as we got onto the reach where the wind blew us into the bank :( We then stopped again shortly afterwards when I let go of ones of my blades (not deliberately of course, but my arms *really* didn't work). (Little Jenners)
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