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Mich Term 2004

BPBC 1st men's VIII

Fairbairn Cup (Invitation VIIIs)

Time: 14:04
The amount of noise generated from and around the College boathouse as we went off was very cool indeed - thanks to everyone for their support.
The rest of the race was a very painful blur. (Simon)
A fairly standard Fairbairns race plan of building a solid rhythm to Chesterton, working hard down the Reach, and holding on through the corners whilst trying to take it up, was executed in a superstandard way by this powerful and experienced BPBC effort. The chart in the boathouse suggested we'd remember quite how long this race is as we came past Simoco, but I reckon I'd worked it out before that. Certainly the pain was significant as we came past the P&E, but the rhythm we'd built by then was stronger than in previous years, and we were able to maintain a surprisingly comfortable 34 down the Reach. By the corners things were getting a bit hazy, and Grassy nearly finished me off when Raf called for a push from 2 and 4. However, we managed to focus in for a superb lift out of First Post, despite much of that straight being taken eyes shut in my case. The worst moment for me was after taking three strokes with my eyes shut and opening them hoping to see the gunshed marking the last few strokes. Sadly it hadn't appeared so I tried another three strokes eyes shut. When it still didn't appear I decided enough was enough and perhaps only some sheer gritted teeth rowing would see me through the line. Which it did. A really enjoyable row, and I haven't been in that much pain since the finals of the Nat. Champs. (Rose the Twat)

1. JPD displays his ski...
2. Another of BPBC
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