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Mich Term 2004

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Senior VIIIs)

9th of 76 men's VIIIs, 5th of 14 Cambridge colleges, 9th of 22 in Stu Sen
Time: 8:54
At first we were told 'things are running a little late'. Well surprise, sur-bloody-prise. So we sat just by the barges before Chesterton and waited...and waited...and waited...and, you've guessed it, we waited. In fact we waited so long that we all grew very old and sported comic waist length grey beards and excessive wrinkles (apart from the ever-youthful Dan Jane). Even Honey was sporting some facial hair if you looked close enough.

As a scratch crew, any expectations seemed either low or miss-placed. We rowed down like legends though, having to easy hundreds of times because we were just too fast for the other crews rowing down. They were all 10 year old school boys in old wooden boats but who's counting?

During marshalling we waited some more whilst Honey checked out the plethora of toddlers in the schoolboy boats; spotting who would be 'fit' upon coming of age. Some people call this paedophilia.

The race went well. At a relaxed 30 we strode the course magnificently and alighted at the boat house having done a good job.

Report submitted by Dan 'rhythm of a black man' Newton. Apologies for any smelling mistakes. (Dan Newton)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

7th College VIII, 10th overall
Time: 14:44
Went over the course at 31. Must do better. (Tom C)

1. Rowing past Midsumme...
2. Rounding Chesterton
3. Past the boathouses

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