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Gloucester Regatta, Summer 2004

Davies and Rose (Senior2 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Tom Rose str Jon Davies
Quarter finals
beat 99s by a long way
I'd left Cambridge at midnight, and arrived at 5.00a.m. - the only thing I remember is cruising in the mid-twenties a long way ahead of our oppo. Tom's "loosening burst" towards the end of the course was countered five strokes later by an "I can't be arsed" from the stroke seat. (JPD)
JPD really was very knackered. Despite this being our first race I was pulling him round with minimal effort, and failed to compensate for this on the steering. This led to a somewhat cycloidal trajectory which thankfully failed to coincide with either bank or the navigation lane. (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
beat Imperial College (easily)
We had decided that Imperial would be tough opponents to beat; we responded by practicing our firm pressure in the warm up area. Unfortunately I accidentally snapped the handle off my blade in a particularly well connected start. We managed to not fall in, so we retrieved the spare blade and waited for the start.

It quickly became apparent that Imperial weren't going anywhere quickly - we took a length every 100m for the first half of the course, at which point they stopped rowing. Where's a well meaning chap to get any decent racing these days? (JPD)
beat Boston (3 lengths)
These guys had beaten Christian and Dan earlier, so we knew that power over technique wasn't going to work. Fortunately for us the very idea of technical rowing was born at BPBC, so we floated effortlessly over the water to another comfortable victory. (JPD)
A good start and we were a length ahead. Ten strokes of clean finishes and it was two lengths. We got another length somewhere over the rest of the course. (Rose the Twat)

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