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Foster Fairbairn Pairs, May Term 2004


Coxless pairs
bow Daniel Holland str Matt Chamberlain
1st round
Beat Corpus (28s)
Time: 8:38
A pretty awful race to be honest. We never found a rhythm and the boat never ran very well. however we put in quite a bit of power and that saw us through. We had a couple of dodgy moments including one where steered us into the bank just before the plough as i was watching them crash at grassy. After that there was a whole series of shipwrecks down the course. If we hit a rhythm and get it set up like it has been in our prerace pieces we should go quite fast. (Dan)
Semi finals
Beat Peterhouse (~15s)
A pretty good start to this race. Though we could have done with double clamming as the wind was quite strong. We were chasing though and were about a length off at Ditton and so despite a very bad corner and a bit of a slog up the reach we still had them by quite a good margin. (Dan)
Lost to Catz (~15s)
Dont know the official result yet but Im a bit gutted. We had a nice start and I think closed on them a bit. We failed to take first post properly, had a nice grassy and then an ok push down Plough reach. Unfortunately it went a bit wrong from there. Ditton was very bad, I came over too soon and then really struggled to get round what becomes quite a tight corner. All the way up the reach I struggled to hold our line and in the end I dont quite think we capitalised on our power. (Dan)

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