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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2003

A 2600m head race upstream, from the A14 road bridge to the top finish at Chesterton footbridge.
Sat 25th October

The official results published by the organisers, Rob Roy Boat Club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

2nd men's coxed IV, Lower College IV+

1st in Lower IVs
Time: 10:55
A very pleasing result for our 2nd Coxed IV, bodes well for Uni IVs. Their time was comparable to most of the upper IVs and better than a fair number (including our own 1st coxed IV)! (Dan)
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1st men's IV, Light IV crew with Lea-Cox for Thorne, Upper College IV+

4th in Upper IVs
Time: 10:57
This was a bizarre race. Will was away so we poached Andrew Lea-Cox from the coxed IV and put him in at stroke. As Will is our steerer we also changed from coxless to coxed and Jenny jumped in the back.

On the row down it became clear that the change had seriously upset the rhythm of the boat and that perhaps our assumption that we could race having never rowed together before was optimistic.

The start was delayed for about an hour by the twat in the grey barge and we all got very cold.

Once we began we settled at a very low rating of about 30 with the bowside blades dragging on the water on every joke, sorry, stroke. (I am not exaggerating here - my forearms are now killing me from the effort of pushing the blade over Dan's puddle every stroke). Luckily, whilst the bit when the blades are (supposed to be) off the water was terrible, we seemed to be doing it approximately right when the blades were under the water and though it felt absolutely dreadful, we quickly dropped the Jesus IV- behind us. An unconventional overtaking around the outside of Ditton set us up for the Reach where I must confess to making a unilateral decision to up the rating and did a personal up 2 from the 3 seat. However, this did seem to lift us a bit and we splashed on down the Reach in very choppy water. At the railway bridge it became clear that this was becasue we had caught up and were sitting about 1 length behind a Caius/Christs composite that we had assumed would be quite good.

They refused to move out of our way and we were forced to try to go round them coming past the P&E. Tucked into that side they gave us no room as we came through and smashed into us taking a large chunk out of the bows. Disgracefully and inexcusably they did not stop and tried to carry on rowing causing substantial additional damage to the bows before both crews ground to a tangled halt.

I have to confess to losing my temper in a rather undignified manner but I was furious as they were 100% in the wrong and not showing the slightest inclination of acknowledging this.

After about 15 seconds stationary, we manged to separate ourselves, get away from the bank and restart. There was only about 200m to go but we dropped them and made it to the line.

Ignoring the crash, it was still a shite row at far too low a rating so we were rather surprised to find that we were only 6 seconds from overall victory in the college boats. I would estimate that we are capable of going 30 - 40 seconds faster, so there was some upside to the day's fiascos.

Caius are now rapidly displacing Downing in my most hated colleges list. I will not be upset if the damage proves expensive to repair as they will have to pay for it! (Ingram)
Pissed off about the crash. However if you take off the estimated 15 seconds we did manage to beat all of the coxless crews despite having a cox in the boat - i wonder what theyd do if we showed up to the coxless event in M4A?

Next time though we're going to have to pick the rating up by about 4 pips at least. We still have plenty more speed to get out of the crew yet.

The balance thing is quite possibly the result of slightly different styles developing between the 1st and light IVs. my outing with the 1st IV in place of Andrew LC after the races was constantly down to stroke side (though that could be my dodgy stroke side rowing). (Dan)
Definitely your dodgy stroke-side rowing ... (Matt)
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1st men's coxed IV, Lower College IV+

2nd in Lower IVs
Time: 11:01
We lost to the 2nd IV. The shame of it !!
Although the headwind increased nearly threefold between their race and ours, we still should have won.
At least with the light IV taking a break after rowing the first bit of the course too fast, the results bear out Dan's "matched crew" selection policy, and neither crew lost to the LMBC 'Elite' 4- :-) (Matt)
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1st women's IV, Upper College IV+

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>College men's coxed IVs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Club Event Time</b> 29 Peterhouse BC MUB 4+ 10.51 30 Trinity Hall BC MUB 4+ 10.54 <b>31= 1st &amp; 3rd Trinity BC MLB 4+ 10.55 36= 1st &amp; 3rd Trinity BC MUB 4+ 10.57 41= 1st &amp; 3rd Trinity BC MLB 4+ 11.01</b> 44 Magdalene BC MUB 4+ 11.02 46 Caius/Christs College MUB 4+ 11.13 56= Trinity Hall BC MLB 4+ 11.38 58 Jesus College BC MUB 4+ 11.41 68= St Catharines College BC MLB 4+ 11.52 75 Sidney Sussex BC MUB 4+ 12.04 79 Pembroke College BC MLB 4+ 12.11 81= Lady Margaret BC MLB 4+ 12.19 81= Magdalene BC MLB 4+ 12.19</pre></p><h4>College women's coxed IVs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Club Event Time</b> 73 Jesus College BC WUB 4+ 12.00 74 Caius BC WUB 4+ 12.03 80 Trinity Hall BC WUB 4+ 12.13 86= Magdalene BC WUB 4+ 12.31 <b>90 1st &amp; 3rd Trinity BC WUB 4+ 12.40</b> 91 Churchill College BC WUB 4+ 12.41 93= Newnham College BC WUB 4+ 12.44 97 King's College BC WUB 4+ 12.47 99 Magdalene BC WLB 4+ 13.05 101 Caius BC WUB 4+ 13.48 104 Trinity Hall BC WLB 4+ 14.34</pre></p><h4>College coxless IVs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Club Event Time</b> 24= Clare BC S1 4- 10.42 41= Lady Margaret BC S1 4- 11.01 41= Jesus College BC 4- 11.01</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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