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Mich Term 2003

2nd men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (1st division)

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Cambridge Winter Head (Novice VIIIs)

1. Final stages of the ...
2. Start of the reach
3. Moving into first po...

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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
Beat Caius A (~2 1/2 lengths)
A race with some promisingly good rowing as a crew led to a first round victory over Caius A. After we gained 3/4 length off them in the first minute they pulled back past us. We were able to row away going under the railway bridge to win quite comfortably in the end. (Little Jenners)
2nd round
Beat Corpus Christi A (~4 lengths)
An easy win here, pulling away from Corpus all the way down the course to win by many lengths. The rowing was not quite as good as the first round, but with more effort and an effective push after halfway. (Little Jenners)
*note. The only other 2nd novice VIII in the Cup was knocked out in this round. (Dubya)
Quarter finals
Lost to Clare A (~3 lengths)
A slightly rushed row down to the start following the marshall having to get us from the pub was not ideal preparation for this race. Clare obviously had a much stronger crew than ours which meant they took a length away from us off the start. They slowly took out another two lengths before our pushes began to effectively pull them back. We gained all the way to the finish but never really managed to be in contention.
Overall a very satisfying day following a week of great improvement by the whole crew. Bring on Fairbairns! (Little Jenners)

1. Relax!

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

16th overall, 2nd 'second' boat
Time: 12:38
A bit ropey to start, but an exemplary row over the last third of the course. Well done, boys (Dubya)
Unofficial Time 12:48 (Matt)

1. Chesterton
2. Passing the boathouses
3. At the start

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