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The Club's Results

Christmas Head, Mich Term 2003

Grad Ladies IV (Novice IV+)

Miscellaneous women's IVs
in Scylla
bow Sarah Teichmann 2 Emily Murphy
3 Sarah Kummerfeld str Becca Downing

Coxed by: Celeste Arrington Powell

1st in Novice IV+, 3rd of all IV+
Time: 9:35
Dressed as the UN security council members (US, UK, Russia, France and China), the Grad women's IV came 1st of the novice IVs with a time of 9:35. This placed us 11 seconds behind the fastest womens IV+, an S3 class crew from CCRC.

A very pleasing end to the term.

(Have a look at the photos to see absolutly superb coxing from Celeste!) (Sarah)

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