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Mich Term 2003

1st women's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (Upper College IV+)

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University IVs (1st division)

lost to selwyn not so easily
We had a storming start and pulled away convincingly through the stride and power ten. Despite the ludicrous wind we held on well for most of the reach, but they determinedly ploughed back at us. Unfortunately we seemed to lack the fighting spirit that we would have required to hold them off and they snuck ahead. We picked up the power enough to give them a run for their money despite seeming to come to a standstill in the wind after the railway bridge, but it was a little too late. A pity, because I think we had it in us to give Caius a bit of a shock... (wench #7)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Senior IVs)

Event winners - 1st of 8
Time: 11:17
After previous, mostly disappointing races this term, the women's boat club finally proved their worth with TWO excellent performances today. In the student's invitation race they put in the fastest time, beating all the other colleges! And in the ARA race, they came second, racing universities from all over the country and college crews from both Oxford and Cambridge, and beating their own winning time from the previous division by three seconds! Well done to the girls of First and Third! (nickname)
For the record, this was the fastest time in the upper category of the student invitation race, but not overall; Trinity Hall posted a faster time in the lower event. Also, the Senior4 (ARA) event did not have other Cambridge college crews. (There were three other crews, incl one from UEA and one from Oxford). These results are at the bottom of the page.

It's worth noting that across all events there were 30 women's coxed IV entries; impressively, 11:14 was the 3rd fastest time. (Martin)

1. Pushing off the rail...
2. Blades half covered
3. At the catch in the ...

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Cambridge Winter Head (Senior4 IV+)

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs

4th equal with Magdalene 1
Time: 13:57
What better way to end the term than with the best row we have ever had together, and a great result to match it? Our time was less than twenty seconds slower than the winners, and to come joint fourth out of 21 entries is excellent- a deserved result for such a gutsy and powerful performance. Well done girls! (nickname)

1. At Emma Footbridge

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