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St Neots Regatta, Summer 2003

A 1000m race on the Great Ouse at St Neots
Sat 26th July

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BPBC/FaT composite, Senior3 IV+

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BPBC/FaT composite, Senior2 IV+

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DJH in his single scull, Novice 1x

1st round
Lost to Yare
Well this wasnt my greatest race. I had a fairly dodgy paddle up to the start and then a few pretty poor attempts at starts, having not practised these much due to cancelled outings on thrusday and friday, this wasnt surprising. The race didnt really go much better and if the other sculler hadnt been so far in front then I would have been disqualified for my poor steering, but thats the way of it. clearly i have a fair way to go before ill be seriously competitive in my single scull. But then at least I didnt fall in :) (Dan)
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JPD in his single scull, Senior 3 1x

Quarter finals
lost to Boston (NRO)
Having listened to Eton Boy's and RTT's ideas about sculling and rowing, I decided to have a go at emulating their success. I was on the inside station, so my oppo had about 1/2 length headstart. I quickly dropped down to 1 1/2 lengths behind, but managed to settle onto a smooth, relaxed rhythm. Coming out of the corner I was 3/4 length down, at which point I really started moving and in the next 5-or-so strokes (the best race-pace sculling I've done) got back to almost level, by which point I knew I was going to win.

However, at hands away on the next stroke there was a bang - I had clipped a buoy. At first I didn't notice anything wrong, but as I approached the catch, something didn't feel right. I looked down. My bow side scull had bounced completely out of my hand without me noticing, and was trailing along the water parallel to the boat. At this point, I should have stopped sculling and taken time to sort it out. Unfortunately I instinctively chose to reach out past frontstops to grab the handle, putting most of my weight above the unsupported rigger. The predictable result occured.

The Boston sculler went on to win the final by one foot. At least I know I should be competitive tomorrow, although winning seems unlikely with Boy, E. competing in the opposite side of the draw. (JPD)
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Eton Boy in his single scull, Novice 1x

1st round
Beat Bedford Star (2l)
JPD said I was rating about 16. The Star sculler was kind enough to crash at the bend, despite me shouting (in good time, even) to warn him. (Alex)
Quarter finals
Beat Maidstone Invicta (1 1/2l)
This paddle was won as soon as told my opponent I'd beaten his clubmate Chris Mollinson at Strathclyde. (Alex)
Semi finals
Beat Yare (2l)
I had to do a bit of work in parts of this race. Yare must have got a bit fed up with me over the course of the weekend. (Alex)
Beat Yare (NRO)
I was a little angry at being disqualified, and decided to see how much I could win by. Unfortunately, the Yare sculler crashed coming out of the corner. I hope he didn't look round after that. I'd be surprised if I ever win a race by quite so far again (City Sprints excepted). (Alex)
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Eton Boy in his single scull, Senior4 1x

Quarter finals
Beat York City
This was quite a good race; both of us hit a few buoys. I can't remember what the verdict was. (Alex)
Semi finals
This was a tight race. I went up slightly in the first couple of strokes, but soon my lead from the stagger was gone. We went round the corner pretty much level; right on the ragged edge, I was slightly on the wrong side of the buoys the whole way round. A good push saw me move half a length up. By this time the umpire on the bank had started to shout at me, and just as I'd managed to start correcting my course, the other sculler crashed. At no point did I or my puddles come anywhere near the Yare sculler, but in the opinion of the umpire, I impeded him.

My standard practice, when I see my opposition out of their water, for what it's worth, is to err on the side of steering for the bump (obviously exercising discretion as to whether it's worth being washed down), to put them and the umpire under pressure, not to steer for the bank instead. (Alex)
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