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Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2003

JPD/RTT (Senior1 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Tom Rose str Jon Davies
Quarter finals
beat Maidstone (disqualified)
We drew the tough inside station on the towpath side, which was barely a boat width across, and is quite nasty to steer at this time of year with lots of weed making the bank unclear. However, we set off fairly well and stayed out of the first weed patch by clipping the buoy slightly. Unfortunately so did they, and they continued to encroach further into our lane. Despite strong warnings from the umpire their boat stayed right next to the line of buoys, with blades right into our lane. I pinballed up the course, steering from blade clash to bank and back (we were rowing really nicely in between, which meant catching them was never a problem). However, we failed to break through and crossed the line about 1/2l behind, only to find they'd been disqualified. Luckily we had drawn the other side in our race against them in S2! (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
Lost to Cantabs by 4l
An appalling row from us saw Cantabs leave us for dead once again. We have never yet had a good row against them, which is a shame as it'd probably be a fairly good race. I clipped a buoy and there were a couple of agricultural strokes, which meant we never really established a rhythm. I attribute this solely to the presence of the BPBC boys who had clearly brought (spelling better now Chris?) along the spacking bug at this point. Unfortunately for us the competition in S1 2- is significantly better drilled than that in S3 8+........ (Rose the Twat)

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