The Club's Results

Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2003

JPD/RTT (Senior2 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Tom Rose str Jon Davies
Quarter finals
beat Cygnet by 1 1/4l
We didn't row that well but kept the lead afforded by the Meadow station. Cygnet did a push halfway down the course which forced us to do a little work, but otherwise safe if messy. (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
beat Maidstone by 2 1/2l
We got the nicer Meadow station and had a decent, clean row. A well executed (and by now quite trademark) push for the line saw us win by a very clear margin, which was nice after our S1 race against them! (Rose the Twat)
Lost to Huntingdon by a canvas
We got the towpath station which meant a strong corner about five strokes in, and a much more stressed steerer in the bow seat! However the rowing was pretty clean and we were pleased with the performance, if not the result. Unlike most of the crews of similar standard to us that we've raced, these ones didn't collapse under our strong push for the line, though we reduced their lead from half a length to a canvas. (Rose the Twat)

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