The Club's Results

Peterborough Summer Sprint, Summer 2003

JPD/RTT (Senior2 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Tom Rose str Jon Davies
A terrible start, with boat stoppers on strokes 3 and 4, was followed by what was probably the worst rowing we've done. As one of our oppo had scratched we went through to the repechage anyway. (JPD)
With conditions still good, and with only the winner going through, there was nothing to lose. We had a good row, with a reasonably straight course, and won fairly comfortably. (JPD)
Semi finals
Time: 2:18
Conditions had started to deteriorate, and although the we rowed OK, we were never challenging the top two boats, whilst fourth was a long way back. My steering went off line, and Tom's blade got completed caught on the 90m buoy, and was dragged and attached to the 80m buoy, spinning us into the safety lane in the process. It took some time to become unattached, and we rowed over the line in 2:18.

We informed the umpire that the buoys were out of position, although he wasn't impressed as he thaught we were protesting. (JPD)

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