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St Neots Regatta, Summer 2003

JPD in his single scull (Senior 3 1x)

Single sculls
Jon Davies
Quarter finals
lost to Boston (NRO)
Having listened to Eton Boy's and RTT's ideas about sculling and rowing, I decided to have a go at emulating their success. I was on the inside station, so my oppo had about 1/2 length headstart. I quickly dropped down to 1 1/2 lengths behind, but managed to settle onto a smooth, relaxed rhythm. Coming out of the corner I was 3/4 length down, at which point I really started moving and in the next 5-or-so strokes (the best race-pace sculling I've done) got back to almost level, by which point I knew I was going to win.

However, at hands away on the next stroke there was a bang - I had clipped a buoy. At first I didn't notice anything wrong, but as I approached the catch, something didn't feel right. I looked down. My bow side scull had bounced completely out of my hand without me noticing, and was trailing along the water parallel to the boat. At this point, I should have stopped sculling and taken time to sort it out. Unfortunately I instinctively chose to reach out past frontstops to grab the handle, putting most of my weight above the unsupported rigger. The predictable result occured.

The Boston sculler went on to win the final by one foot. At least I know I should be competitive tomorrow, although winning seems unlikely with Boy, E. competing in the opposite side of the draw. (JPD)

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