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The Club's Results

May Term 2002

5th men's VIII

Cam Sprints (College lower VIIIs)

1. Waiting to race FaT3
2. Waiting at Jesus Lock
3. FaT5, FaT3 and BPBC

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May Bumps, The Golden Boat

Bumped Trinity Hall IV
Wind up for 15, ease into your stride and look to go the distance... not a bit of it - up 2 after 10 and bumped within 20 strokes.

Celebrations muted by our bank team, "Get out the way Trinity .. GET OUT THE WAY ... GET OUT THE FUCKING WAY!!! (Ally J)
Rowed over
"Don't worry, it'll only take 15 strokes" said Dan Jane as he tried to persuade me to row with the Golden Boat. Don't believe this man. He is either seriously delusional or a pathological liar. So as Kit Evans, with an admittedly original excuse (down in London to go on TV to talk about Tae Kwon Do) dropped out, I was called into the boat with, ooh, hours to go before we raced. A quick check of the results so far revealed that we were chasing Caius IV, who double-overbumped on day 1. 15 strokes in, and we hadn't hit them. Surprise surprise. Anyway, we were inside distance, and although the previous evening's warm-up session at Life was beginning to show on the crew, we closed to around a length by 1st post corner. Downing IV (in front of Caius) decided to be bumped at this point, and both crews initially drifted into the near bank, allowing us some clear river to go at Hughes Hall for the overbump. But this was not good enough for the marshal. Oh no. Ordering Caius to clear to the far side of the river, he sent them straight into our path, and although Sarah did well to avoid them, she could do nothing about ploughing into the Downing boat sat on the bank. Apologies to the cox of Downing IV if you're reading this, we hope we didn't hit you too hard.

Anyway, tomorrow, Kit is back, I'm out again, and Downing IV are the next fodder for the Golden Boys. Bring on the overbump on Saturday... (Mike)
Bumped Downing IV
This was a merciless execution within two minutes, and all the sweeter because I fined Downing for failing to clear. Superb. (Neil)
Bumped LMBC V
Now the highest 5th VIII on the river. (Martin)

1. "Rowing" back
2. Bumped in first post...
3. Bumped in first post...

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