The Club's Results

May Term 2002

Single sculls

Fairbairn Junior Sculls, JWE in his single scull

2nd round
Beat Dave Griffiths-Jones by 3s
Unfortunately John had to retire following this race with a wrist injury sustained during the training camp in Dublin [by the webmaster]
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Bushe-Fox Freshman's sculls, FZ in his single scull

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Bushe-Fox Freshman's sculls, HSC in his single scull

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Women's Championship Sculls, RNP in her single scull

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Cambridge Head-2-Head, JWE in his single scull

3rd of 6 men's scullers
Time: 23:06
I took the BPBC entry and came 3rd of 6 men's scullers. Only 30 secs off the pace, I was underrating and should have gone quicker. Oh well, still a minute quicker over 2 heads compared to last year, in similar conditions. [by the webmaster]
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Cam Sprints (Men's 1x), JWE in his single scull

1st round
Lost to Kings School, Ely
Having raced the Head 2 Head earlier in the day, this was my second outing in a single in a month. The quality of my sculling being low, it was a very short outing indeed. (Dubya)
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Cam Sprints (Men's 1x), JPD in his single scull

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