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Lent Bumps 2002

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Caroline Reed

Bumped Caius III
I wasn't there so a description comes second hand...

Apparently there was a very controlled start which was followed quickly by cutting the distance to a length. They reduced it to a canvas and held it for a while before steadily reeling Caius in to get a bump by 1st post corner. (Sally)
After an inauspicious beginning, getting very cosy with several other crews on a very windy reach, the unititiated bumps crew sat poised at the start. A firm, strong start saw the girls immediately move up on Caius, while Sidney were equally quick off the start behind them. However, a firm push together saw First and Third move up to a length behind Caius under the motorway bridge, leaving Sidney paddling behind. We quickly took another half length off on first post reach, before holding with overlap for what seemed agonisingly like an age. Passing several other already bumped / bumping crews on the bank encouragingly cheering us on we finally bumped just before first post corner. A very encouraging row for Friday's racing. (Isobel)
Bumped Christ's II
The crew got off to a good start, and quickly took half a length on Christ's. Christ's held them at this distance for an admirably long time, but they were no match for the superior strength of the mighty 2nd VIII. We closed on them at Grassy, and after another agonisingly long time with overlap, bumped a familiar looking Christ's cox just on the corner (is he familiar looking with his clothes on, girls?).

Looking forward to taking on Girton II tomorrow. (Caroline)
Rowed over
We gained maybe half a length on Girton early on, but seemed to be making little progress, and in Plough Reach my seat started sticking and in a few strokes it came out from under me and went into the footwell. After missing a few strokes trying and failing to put it back on, I decided to attempt to row on without it, and was soon taking full strokes reasonably in time though the extra effort of dragging myself up the slide certainly wasn't helping, and we held our distance from Christ's to row over. (Becky)

1. Passing the Plough
2. First Post Corner
3. Rounding Grassy

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