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Mich Term 2000

1st men's IV

Head of the River IVs

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University IVs (1st division)

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs, 2nd men's Fairbairn IV

2nd of 12 men's IVs
Time: 11:09
It was a much better row than the previous one in the eight had been. This reflects more on the eight than on us. Thanks to Alex for coxing on short notice (though not for nearly crashing 2 mins into the race)! (Dubya)
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Cambridge Rowing Triathlon, Cambridge Triathalon IV

6th of 30 finishers, 3rd of 5 men's coxed IVs - after a nasty crash!
Time: 2:12:23
John came off badly at 25mph in collision with Jon, just two minutes in to the cycle. Sustaining only minor injuries, he continued using Julia's MTB, his own front wheel having been destroyed in the incident. All hopes of a good time in the cycling were therefore lost, especially with John now struggling to keep pace on Julia's unsuitable machine. Half way through the cycle the decision was made to split in to two groups to allow Jon and Tom a head start on the run, whilst Martin stayed with John, who was expected to be the strongest runner, to try and help out with some drafting assistance. Jon, Tom and John all therefore worked much harder than originally planned on the cycle, which makes our subsequent good time in the run, in which we naturally reformed in to a group, all the more pleasing. The rowing was pretty unpleasant since after two hours of racing most of us had 'hit the wall' pretty badly. Overall, quite an experience. [by the webmaster]
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