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Cam Sprints, May Term 2000

A fun 400m sprint regatta held by the boathouses
Sun 14th May

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1st VIII Cam Sprints IV A, Senior2 IV+

Semi finals
Beat 1st & 3rd B
Stupidly high ratings and inefficiency was the name of the game. (Martin)
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1st VIII Cam Sprints IV B, Senior2 IV+

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The Light Four, Novice IV+

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2nd VIII Cam Sprints IV, Novice IV+

Beat 1st & 3rd (3/4 length)
Watching from the BH, the 2nd VIII IV came into view ahead of the old light IV and won by some 3/4 length. Of course they got all the cheers - and were really giving it some!! It turned out the 1st VIII IV had collided with a dog, but even that incident aside it would have been close! (Martin)
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