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May Term 2000

2nd men's VIII

Bedford Regatta (College VIIIs)

Plate final
Won by default when Pembroke A went home early
They were pleased to win some pots, even if it wasn't in the event in which they won any races! (Martin)
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Bedford Regatta (Senior4 VIIIs)

1st round
Beat Broxborne
A great race against a Bedford crew, who they rowed through around the outside of the bend. (Martin)
2nd round
Lost to Radley (a length or two)
One of the Radley schoolboys was heard to exclaim: 'They're huge!' as we attached to the stakeboat. Perhaps we were, in comparison to our pre-pubescent opposition, but unfortunately we were also very slow. (Flying)
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Cam Sprints (Novice IV+), 2nd VIII Cam Sprints IV

Beat 1st & 3rd (3/4 length)
Watching from the BH, the 2nd VIII IV came into view ahead of the old light IV and won by some 3/4 length. Of course they got all the cheers - and were really giving it some!! It turned out the 1st VIII IV had collided with a dog, but even that incident aside it would have been close! (Martin)
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Cambridge 99's Regatta (1st division)

1st round
Lost to Clare (easily)
The 2nd VIII drew the meadow station against Clare who are to be chasing them on day 1 of the bumps. Our boys were soundly beaten. Whilst it seems likely that Clare are faster, I am sure the margin is unrepresentative due to the heavy stream. (Martin)
Plate final
Rowed over to victory
After Trinity Hall stormed off in a huff over a blade clash, our boys had no-one to race and rowed over the course for their second collection of pots in the term without actually winning a race. (Martin)
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May Bumps

Bumped by Clare
It was an aggressive row, but as expected Clare were simply faster than they were. (Martin)
Rowed over
They went out on fire to challenge Downing II behind them. Downing had been looking extremely good, but had a fast Selwyn behind them; our boys attacked it impressively to row the race to Ditton. At the Plough, Downing went Down, when the boys were possibly a little outside distance. A very fine row. End of day 2, still head 2nd VIII. (Martin)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
As heard by Simon over a CUCBC radio: "1st & 3rd are paddling over the course." We had no chance of catching Clare and conserved energy by rowing over at half-pressure. (Guy)
Bumped by Selwyn
Facing a well-drilled Selwyn, there was little to do other than go down one at the head of the second division. The 2nd VIII face Downing in the battle for highest 2nd VIII tomorrow. (Martin)
Bumped by Downing II
It was judgement day. Downing closed to half a length for Plough reach and were held at that distance by a fine piece of rowing. However, Downing's speed held a little better into Ditton, and despite an almost imperceptible speed differential through the corner and the boys being on the verge of being straight for the reach, there was light contact and the bump was conceded.

Downing were by any standards a very good crew, and to have rowed clear on Thursday, thereby guaranteeing finishing 2nd highest 2nd VIII was a fine result - even though ultimately a disappointing one. (Martin)

1. Head 2nd VIII, under...
2. Ros encouraging arou...
3. Ros, down to the start

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