The Club's Results

Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 1999

Camouflage VIII (Fancy Dress)

Mixed VIIIs
in Black Prince
bow Unknown 2 Jonnie Walker
3 Simon Blackburn 4 Unknown
5 Unknown 6 B. H. Simkin
7 L. O. Robinson str Unknown
1st round
Won (easily)
Unfortunately, our plan to arrive on the start line in the haze of a smoke bomb failed as it was too windy to light the thing. However, our superior fancy dress meant we were given a head start, and despite rowing really quite badly, we won. (Simon)
2nd round
Lost (in style)
The other crew were taking it seriously... boo! When it was obviously all over (about half way up the reach), we went into stealth rowing mode... lying down every three strokes to heighten that "log floating on the water" effect.

We then went to the P&E, and kept worrying that the boat was drifting off when in fact we just couldn't see the riggers properly through the greenery. (Simon)

1. You ain't seen us, r...
2. Armed and dangerous
3. Trying to light the ...

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