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Lent Term 2009, by event

Pictures Arranged by Event

Peck's Poker Party

1. Tension builds as th...
2. Tension builds as th...
3. Tension builds as th...

BPBC Karting

1. Group B practice rea...
2. Group B practice rea...
3. Group B practice rea...

Cambridge Head-2-Head

1. Pushing for the finish
2. Overlap
3. Closing the gap

Robinson Head

1. Marshalling
2. Marshalling
3. Marshalling in the Snow

Head of the Trent

1. Nice Pots
2. S3 Winners
3. In the pub afterwards

Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

1. Waiting for Jesus
2. Bank Party
3. Marshalling

Lent Bumps

1. Overlap
2. Concession
3. Ditton

Women's Head of the River Race

1. Frontstops
2. Posing with riggers
3. Posing with Valkyrie

Head of the River Race

1. Next year's prizes?
2. Miles posing before ...
3. The real cox gets to...

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