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Groups for crews and rowing squads

Black Prince Boat Club Boat Club (44)
For members of BPBC who controversially want to row.
M1 Squad Mich (10)
Members of both M1a and M1b Fours
M1a Mich 2020 (5)
Members of M1a four
M1b Mich 2020 (5)
Members of M1b four
Men's Side Crew Captains (6)
People in charge of organising outings for their crew in Mich 2020.
Men's Side Mich 2020 (35)
All senior rowers/coxes/coaches signed up for Mich 2020 on the Men's Side
Scullers (0)
People who use the club's sculling boats
Women's Side Michaelmas 2020 (21)

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