Information for Members

Notes on use of Groups

Use of the groups and custom mail list feature is bound by the following rules and guidelines. Members who abuse the facility risk having their website log-in removed.

  1. The webmaster reserves the right to rename, remove or alter in any other way any website group.
  2. Group owners must alter, at the earliest opportunity, any attributes of their groups at the request of the webmaster or the committee.
  3. No group owner may select club members for a group without their express instruction, unless there is good reason to believe they would wish to be part of it.
  4. Use of custom mailing lists does not under any circumstances excuse those responsible from causing club members to receive mail they do not want.
  5. Delivery of mail to website groups cannot be guaranteed, and is subject to a small delay above that required to deliver mail to regular hermes mailboxes.
  6. Custom mailing lists should not be used for sensitive or confidential information, since
  7. Delivery failure reports are sent to the webmaster who may therefore on occasion become aware of the contents of any message.
  8. In normal operation the webmaster promises to not view any mail being processed by the club's server. Except in cases of delivery failure (as described above) the machine does not retain copies of any group mail.
  9. By default, only those able to log-in are permitted to send mail to club groups. The option of allowing mail from unknown mail addresses should be used sparingly.
  10. In general, as in other areas of club activity, club members are expected to behave as part of a cooperative society and should pay due attention to the effects or implications of their actions as perceived by other club members and the internet community.

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