BPBC Multisport

Over the years, the fortunes of First and Third have ebbed and flowed, and the standard of many BPBC members' rowing has declined, meaning that a true picture of sporting supremacy cannot be ascertained merely from the FaT-BPBC grudge matches in the Fairbairns. Other tests of athletic prowess have sprung up to fill the gaps, all contested fiercely and proudly. Able to be classed as "regular" matches are now:

Again, such competitions are organised on an ad-hoc basis, and announcements are passed around the BPBC and First and Third email lists. Announcements for the next matches will be made nearer the time.

As well as matches against First and Third, some keen BPBCers compete in other sports under the BPBC multisport team name. Marathons, regular and rowing triathlons, ergo championships, cycling races and atlantic rowing races have all been entered in this way - please continue to put our name in lights if you're about to enter a competition and need a "club" to put on the entry form!

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