Black Prince Boat Club

Black Prince Boat Club was formed around 1999 as a way for former members of First and Third to carry on rowing at a reasonable level, without requiring the level of commitment that is necessary to row at a club in London or elsewhere. Any member of the Association is eligible to row for the club.

The club is run on an ad-hoc basis, with important/interesting/fun races being the main focus. Boats and equipment are generally borrowed, keeping participation costs down to a minimum. Since its creation and ARA ratification in 1999, BPBC has competed in numerous races, including:

Success at these races has been decidedly mixed: an excellent 3rd place in the prestigious Head of the Charles and numerous wins in the "take as many strokes as you can" Cam Sprints are evened out with a second-to-last place in the Thames Cup qualifiers at HRR and rowing only 6 competitive strokes at Royal Canadian Henley! However, if results were to be adjusted for number of practice outings (less than one per race on average), we'd be leading the world. It's certainly fair to say that whilst we still enjoy the competition, it's the fun of taking part that counts! Oh - and the beers afterwards.

Whatever ad-hoc races have been entered through the year, the culmination of the BPBC calendar is the Fairbairn Cup in Cambridge. BPBC has entered this race every year since the club was formed, and have an excellent record, regularly winning the invitational events and on more than one occasion walking away with the overall win. The race also gives BPBC a chance to match itself against the young whippersnappers in First and Third - rarely have head races been fought so keenly! The race is generally followed by a BPBC boat club dinner in Cambridge - a chance for the oldies to issue silly bumpers and make believe they're still 20...

If you want to row for the club, just drop an email to the association officers, Dan Darley and Rich Dewire at, and we'll get you added to the club email list. You'll then be included in any emails that are sent regarding potential races to enter (as well as getting some silly jokes from Andy Pickard and some nice pictures of cats from Emily Booker). There aren't really any officials in the club - it falls to the members to decide if there are races they'd like to do, and then sorting them out. If there are races that you would like to enter with BPBC, then it's just a case of emailing the list, rounding up enough other interested parties and going ahead and entering!

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