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Details of the University's proposed new sports facilities. (2 replies...)
Graham and Simon's Joke Fest by Simon - Wed 17th Dec 2008, 12:55am
Have just opened a load of Christmas crackers.

Graham: Your starter for ten... (and remember, I must have the answer on my card):

"What did the cavemen say when they saw their first flying reptile?" (378 replies...)
Alastair Hignell by Simon - Sun 14th Dec 2008, 10:46pm
Alastair Hignell was featured in Sports Personality of the Year this evening. For those who don't know, he was an excellent rugby commentator on FiveLive who retired this year. He has degenerative MS, and broadcast with it for eight years, without the illness being widely known by the general public.

Anyway, they said on the show that he was the last person to captain both CUCC and CURFC. He still holds the Cambridge points record for a Varsity rugby march. He has scored a try for England and a century against the West Indies (the latter for his county side). Astonishing.

PS Anyone want to write a "best radio commentator" poll?
Pembroke's Boat Burning by JDT - Sun 22nd Jun 2008, 6:33pm
Okay, so whatever happened to the Pembroke boat burning?

This is a tale to make us all realise how great Charles is. To re-cap, a boat burning organised by Charles goes as follows: Boat is taken to Backs; Boat is Burned; ????; Profit.

How the boat burning went for Pembroke:

> Boat was thrown into the river to get it to the other side by swimming along with it.

> Boat then carried to Pembroke

> Boat then covered in Petrol (yes, Petrol)

> Boat then lit with a lighter (yes, a lighter) by the W1 cox.

> Boat explodes with a bang; cox gets badly burned; rower gets injured; everyone else falls over.

> PCBC Dinner is a little bit unhappy. (9 replies...)
Room in London by Martin P - Thu 29th May 2008, 6:51pm
Clearly not expecting current members of fat to be looking right now.... but if anyone knows of friends looking for a room in London, would be v grateful if you might pass on my details....

Tel is 07813 711665
70 quid + bills per week
Standard sized double room, furnished, all mod cons, newly refurbished etc
5 mins walk from Abbey Wood train station - this is 25 mins from London Bridge, 30 mins from Cannon St and 35 mins from Charing Cross (Trafalgar Sq)
3 bed house, I live with another Accenture employee.
Thanks, Martin.

PS Good luck recruiting lots of eager freshers!! (1 replies...)
SCUBA divers cannot pass wind... by Simon - Fri 4th Jan 2008, 5:18pm
SCUBA divers cannot pass wind at depths of 33 feet or below
Someone just told me this but I am struggling to believe it. Can anyone tell me whether it's a fact or fiction, and provide supporting evidence?

If it helps, at 33feet the water pressure is equal to 1 atmosphere. (4 replies...)
Dengue fever in Cambridge? by S.L. Stoneman - Sat 29th Dec 2007, 7:53pm
Found on Wikipedia when trying to research dengue fever. I can think of several ways to describe East Anglia but "developed, tropical nation?" Don't think so

One major difference, however, is that malaria is often eradicated in major cities, whereas dengue is often found in urban areas of developed tropical nations, including Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil & East Anglia
It's kit Jim, but not as we know it by Simon - Sun 1st Jul 2007, 11:30pm
While I'm away sailing (and proudly using my 2nd Mays top to protect against the Biscay elements), a small poser to keep you amused over the summer.... What's the most obscure/impressive place anyone's ever worn a piece of 1st & 3rd kit?

And before the pedants jump in: that's geographical place, not which part of your body... (34 replies...)
Trumps by Simon - Thu 14th Jun 2007, 12:54pm
Graham and I are renowned for being Far Too Competitive. We'll try to out-do each other on anything - pointless trivia, highest heart rate when training, whatever...

But there's nothing quite like a game of top trumps. Except we don't always have a set of cards to hand. Which is why we invented ARA-card trumps (only works if you're club secretary and have about 30 of the things).

The most recent game is "Seen on the train to Waterloo trumps" where Graham has just matched my "my-friend-Laura-from-Selwyn's dad" with a "Kieran West".

So what next? Well that's what this thread is for: to let you know what we're trumping with next, and to share your experience of stupid games of one-upmanship... (24 replies...)
Cat and Buns by Joff - Sun 29th Apr 2007, 11:00pm
Has anyone got a high res version of the Cat & Buns? (19 replies...)

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