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24th May '08Webserver Upgradeby mcp
Bryn and I are attempting to upgrade the web server later on today.
It would be helpful if people could avoid uploading new photos for the remainder of the day.
There will most likely be a little bit of disruption, hopefully we can keep this to a minimum. Definitely aiming to be fully up and running by Monday.
by Martin P - Sat 24th May 2008, 5:22pm
Prob not doing anything till tomorrow (Sun) morning now... but, again, not uploading any pics would help. Thx. M.
by Martin P - Sat 24th May 2008, 9:41pm
Prob not doing anything till tomorrow (Sun) morning now... but, again, not uploading any pics would help. Thx. M.
by Martin P - Sun 25th May 2008, 12:55pm
Hi everyone.

Basically up and running again now.

*** PLEASE NOTE: ***
1/ Emails: mail addresses are working. (I think. It looks ok from the logs - but I am yet to receive a test mail... prob best to be wary until confirmed, below.) However, ANY CHANGES MADE TO THE GROUPS WILL NOT AFFECT WHO GETS EMAILS until further notice (intend to fix this by COP tomorrow). i.e. mails will be sent to group members as they were at 11:30 am this morning.
(This is because it is the old server that is continuing to do our emails for the moment.)

2/ Website functionality that does not work:
- Bumps charts are not appearing
- the little CPU chart on the Website page doesn't work
- The web access stats aren't yet copied and won't auto-generate
- SMS messages etc won't do anything

Please, if you notice anything besides the above that doesn't work, can you post here!?. Thanks. Work will be ongoing to get all this sorted. Sorry for the inconvenience.
by Martin P - Sun 25th May 2008, 12:59pm
Also, is broken.
by Peter - Mon 26th May 2008, 10:44am
The STCS link doesn't seem to be working, I get an "Internal Server error" page.
by Martin P - Mon 26th May 2008, 11:10am
Thanks Peter - hadn't spotted that. Won't be a problem to sort it today.
by Bloggs - Tue 27th May 2008, 5:20pm
The mail addresses are now working from the new machine so should all be working correctly.

Also, bumps charts are sorted, and the second trin challenge sculls pages are sorted.

Again, if anyone spots anything else which is broken please don't assume we already know about it.
by RTT - Wed 28th May 2008, 9:41am
Search doesn't work ;-P
by Bloggs - Wed 28th May 2008, 1:30pm
Yes. But as you will have anticipated that is out of scope!

PS are you going to Chris's?
by Martin P - Wed 28th May 2008, 11:31pm
Pretty much done. Just need to fix up the web stats now - oh and update the description of the machine we're running on...

For those interested, this one's a Dell small-business server, with an Intel Xeon dual core processor @ 2.4 GHz, 1Gb RAM, and 2x150 GB Raid enabled hard disks.
As in 2001, I got two, so we have 'disaster recovery' - though hopefully we won't need to use it this time...
by Martin P - Fri 13th Jun 2008, 9:06am
Uploading Pictures - pictures refused when they are too big

If you have tried to upload pictures from a camera with lots of megapixels and it hasn't worked, please can you now try again?

The server was configured to refuse file uploads greater than 2MB - we missed this when setting it up. Has now been increased to the same as the old one - 16MB.

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