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12th Nov '01Racing on the Tidewayby mcp
Racing on the River Thames is exciting not only because of the size of the events, but also because the boats are carried along on the strong river currents, which can significantly affect the results.
I have written a brief guide to try and explain some of this to all those who haven't yet had the chance to row there.
2nd Nov '01The Close of the Uni IVsby mcp
The Uni IVs have drawn to a close, with Christ's, the crew who knocked out our 1st IV by a margin of just 3 s, going on to win the men's coxed IVs.
Our results page includes a piece from Dan on the 2nd IV's semi final, and there are also a couple of pictures of that crew in the gallery.
The strength of both the 1st and 2nd men's IVs bodes well for the Fairbairns, to which the club now looks forward.
1st Nov '01Classic Quotesby mcp
The latest and greatest earth-shattering new feature to hit the website... a dedicated "Classic Quotes" page. It's on the message board. All so that we can, as Dan would say, "Immortalise those classic lines!"
Hmmmmmmmm. What gives me the impression I'm gonna get stung by this one.
It's not rigorously tested yet, so any problems, tell me. Also note that although it looks anonymous, anyone can find out who has posted things! ;-) (1 reply...)
31st Oct '01BPBC statesideby mcp
I have added a dozen pictures of BPBC and their trip to row the Head of the Charles 2 weeks ago, kindly sent to me by Mr Fisher (G). His report of the excursion is also to be found, in the results section. (1 reply...)
23rd Oct '01New river floodsby mcp
Almost unbelievably, for the 2nd time this year the Cam is flooding dramatically - and this time its worse.
I have taken some pictures around town which are here, and there are some of our boathouse on the last page.
17th Oct '01Quick log-onby mcp
With members' log-on becoming more integral to our use of the website, a quick log-on feature has been introduced on the very first page to streamline the process of getting in.
At the same time, significant changes have taken place under the bonnet - please tell me if you find something that doesn't work. Ta. (1 reply...)
11th Oct '01Back on-lineby mcp
Unfortunately our web server had to move to a new IP address last week. Complications associated with the University's Cambridge-wide block on web network traffic meant that our site is only now properly on-line again.
I'll update it with results from last weekend's races soon - hopefully tonight.
3rd Oct '01Important Datesby mcp
John has put details of the important dates this term in the web site's diary.
If you are a member I recommend you log in before viewing this page in order to have meetings specific to you listed on the main page.
Thanks John. Hopefully this will already be a useful resource - particularly with the listing on the front page; as ever comments or suggestions of how to make it more so are welcome.
19th Sep '01Members databaseby mcp
Members may now enter a second email address from which they will be permitted to send mail to club mailing lists. By popular request, the members database has also been expanded to include ARA numbers.
18th Sep '01Message Boards and Newsby mcp
Seasoned visitors to these pages will notice the expanded "Welcome" menu, containing new members' message boards and revamped News pages.

As well as providing discussion forums for current members, the Message system's new News pages invite any current member to submit News - which, it is hoped, will transform the website into the place to look to keep abreast of what is going on. Furthermore, members are free to follow up News items with questions or comments - hopefully resulting in an interesting and informative commentary.

The intention is that the system is comfortable to use without needing to understanding the more cryptic of the little symbols - but you are invited to look at the guide to the symbols and the introductory topic if you are unsure how to post or navigate around the posts.

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