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How should seating be organised at the Fairbairns Dinner?
By crew  0%
W1 with NM1, M1 with NW1 etc.  9%
W1 with M1, NW1 with NM1 etc.  2%
W1 with NW1, M1 with NM1 etc.  2%
Boy-girl-boy-girl...  2%
Fit-ugly-fit-ugly...  5%
Random selection (genuinely random)  0%
Random selection (rigged for carnage)  7%
Random selection (rigged for incest)  41%
Random selection (rigged for novice retention)  5%
Random selection (rigged for awkwardness)  2%
Alphabetically by surname  0%
By 2K time  14%
First come, first served  2%
Sec's discretion  9%
Total: 44 members' votes
by Tom C - Mon 26th Nov 2007, 3:41pm
Random selection (rigged for incest): 41%
Random selection (rigged for novice retention): 6%
Aren't these options the same? I have two modified suggestions:

-alphabetically by first name, much confusion in those places where everyone is called Tom, Emma, etc

-at Seb's discretion. No-one will disrespect his authority.
by Not quite Jane Austin - Mon 26th Nov 2007, 5:05pm
Random selection (rigged for incest): 39%
Random selection (rigged for awkwardness): 3%
Sec's discretion: 9%
These can also be the same. Once, when HCBC women were invited to Mays Supper, their "1st boat member most likely to pull at a formal" was sat next to Trinity's equivalent. Tragically, they didn't seem to be getting on; the feedback was that they had met each other at a non-rowing formal hall two weeks before and pulled then, and were now embarrassed.
by Pedantry - Mon 26th Nov 2007, 8:25pm
Alas! You have misspelled Jane Austen's name, and will forever more be held in contempt by all women.
by Pedantry - Mon 26th Nov 2007, 10:53pm
Pedantry said: forever more
Oh no.

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