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How will First and Third fare this week?
Estimate the total number of places lost or gained by our crews (in total) this week. We have 8 crews on the River, and could go up a total of 28 places if all crews gain blades with no overbumps.
Down more than 5 places  2%
Down between 1 and 5  0%
Stay level  0%
Up between 1 and 5  2%
Up between 6 and 10  9%
Up between 11 and 15  41%
Up between 16 and 20  35%
Up between 21 and 25  2%
Up more than 25 places for the week  9%
Total: 46 members' votes
by BJ - Sun 25th Feb 2007, 9:01pm
I like the optimistic asymmetry of these options...
by Optimistic poll-writer - Mon 26th Feb 2007, 10:25am
BJ said: optimistic asymmetry
Well, given that only one person has voted for "down" yet, I think it's entirely reasonable :o)
by Up 15 - Sun 4th Mar 2007, 3:35pm
What with our BumpIT winners and poll results, it seems that the club is pretty good at predicting what's going to happen, well done everyone!

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