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Which club do we hate the most?
Over the years it has become traditional to hate some clubs more than others, but which is the worst of the lot?
LMBC  22%
Downing  61%
Caius  17%
5 iron  0%
Total: 36 members' votes
by Tom C - Mon 29th Jan 2007, 6:13pm
I think Queens should be on the list too, if you don't know why, go and read their analysis of the Saturday May race at
by Simon - Mon 29th Jan 2007, 7:33pm
Why isn't OUBC on this list?

Am I right in thinking that everyone "hates" LMBC, but they're like a panto villan ("they're behind you"). To use a football metaphor, if they were playing in Europe you'd support them.

Caius are just a machine and mean no malice. Whereas Downing, in my day, seemed to spend their entire time trying to break all the rules and wind people up. On the eve of senior Fairbairns we pushed off bang on lighting down and were the first crew out, so we decided Soph should practice doing the corners downstream as speed, confident that there would be no crews coming up. We hit Downing at Grassy, as they had gone out 15 minutes early...
by jpd - Mon 29th Jan 2007, 8:28pm
Good, but still not close to Graham's explanation.
by Neil T - Mon 29th Jan 2007, 8:57pm
Downing. No one else comes close. It took me less than 3 weeks at University to realise this: Athletics Cuppers 1999, Trinity lead Downing by several points going into the final event, the 4x100m relay, and only need to finish to claim the title. It's in the bag, until a Downing marshal conveniently spots an 'infringement' on the second (perfectly legitimate) changeover and disqualifies us. Astonishingly this is not overturned and Downing are awarded the trophy. Years later it still makes my blood boil.
by Richard - Mon 29th Jan 2007, 9:54pm
jpd said: Good, but still not close to Graham's explanation.
We hate Maggie because it's tradition...

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