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Rich and Dan
Now they're off, you can be honest. They're:
Barking  77%
Brave  74%
Brilliant  74%
Total: 31 members' votes
by Dubya - Sun 4th Dec 2005, 11:36pm
Wtf? What's happened to the position data feed?!
by Rachel - Sat 10th Dec 2005, 12:07pm
Going well for a college full of mathmos - can't add up to 100
by Not a mathmo, but.. - Sat 10th Dec 2005, 4:12pm
Rachel said: can't add up to 100
Errr... It says 'select one or more options' so it doesn't need to add up to a hundred. the percentage of the people who have voted who chose a given option is shown.
by Richard - Sat 10th Dec 2005, 6:36pm
And to add to the last post, it's hardly as though all of the options are mutually exclusive (i.e they can be barking and brave, brave and brilliant, barking and brilliant, or all of the three), so you'd expect that it would add up to more than 100%
by dw229 - Sun 11th Dec 2005, 12:24am
Are the options orthogonal?

i.e. Can you be 100% brave while being 0% brilliant?

I would suggest that FaT rowers would think not, therefore indicating that there should be some constraint on which values are allowed.

What is it?

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