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Best T-shirt: part 1
Limited to 1st & 3rd t-shirts only, pre Year 2000. Based only on memory and this site's photo archives; apologies for errors.
The meek may inherit the earth, but they can stay the hell off the river  27%
We are better than you  42%
Think you're a bit tasty do you? COME ON THEN! (2nd Men, May 1997)  12%
Beat Me! (children's sized t-shirt) (3rd Men, May 1997)  15%
The A-Team (Novice Men, 1997)  4%
Chomp (2nd Men, Lent 1998)  0%
Gold Sox: Way out of your league baby (2nd Women, Lent 1998)  0%
BoatShift (parody of CICCU campaign) (4th Men, Lent 1998)  0%
The Full Boaty (The Full Monty parody) (3rd Men, May 1998)  0%
Boat Crawl (Novice Men, 1998)  0%
Trinity Mermaids (2nd Women, May 1999)  0%
Total: 26 members' votes
by RTT - Mon 8th May 2006, 7:43am
But what about "I'd rather shit my own pants than row for Lady Margaret"?!

Plus I was always fond of both "We're #1 so why try harder?" and the "Four oarsmen" novice T-shirts...
by rjn - Thu 11th May 2006, 12:37pm
and what happened to:
Nice pussy-cat, BEAST?
by dw229 - Sat 13th May 2006, 11:12pm
I vote for the "shit in my pants" t-shirt! We had a second edition in 2001-2 which raised a few eyebrows...
by Simon - Tue 20th Jun 2006, 5:36pm
Saw quite a classy t-shirt last night. It's a London Rowing Club one, I think related to their 150th anniversary this summer. As well as the LRC logo on one chest, it has a Union Jack on the other and three gold stars (with years in small text next to them) beneath it. These, I guess, represent the times that LRC crews (NB not members but a whole crew) have been World Champions. They are similar to the gold star above the crest on the England football shirt.

Not many clubs can do this. I don't think we can either... Olympics yes, but World Champs no?
by Michael Owen - Wed 21st Jun 2006, 12:36pm
After following Simon's link I clicked on photo number 8.

I thought the swastika had been banned in Germany?

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