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17th May '14Election Manifestosby JSB
Manifestos for the elections on Sunday can now be read here
4th Dec '13Live Fairbairns Timingby JSB
Once again, we will have volunteers providing a live timing service during Fairbairns.

The latest set of results (ie. last year's until Thursday, Novice results on Thursday, and Senior results from Friday) will appear here.

The 2013 Novice results will remain accessible here

The 2013 Senior results will remain accessible here
27th Oct '13Lighter color schemeby JSB
The default color scheme for this site has changed to dark blue text on grey, rather than gold text on blue. Those that prefer the traditional, darker, color scheme can still use it by clicking here, or in the link in the footer of each page.
17th May '13Manifestos Posted Onlineby JSB
Manifestos for the elections on Sunday can now be read here
18th Feb '13BumpITby JSB
Dear all,

Our bumps predictions game is now open. Click here for details of how to play. There are two versions of the game: 4-day, for predicting the complete men's or women's bumps charts; and Daily, for predicting each of the four days of the Lent Bumps.

It is possible to make predictions for all divisions, however keep in mind that the start order for the lowest positions (4th division for the men, 3rd division below position 4 for the women) is currently incorrect and will be updated after the Getting on Race (Friday 22 February).

Good luck with your predictions!

Best wishes,
FaT Webmaster

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