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River Cam Floods

In recent years, flooding has been a significant problem on the River Cam. On three occasions between 2000 and 2003 over a foot of water has flooded the boathouse and threatened houses near the river. Pictures of some of these floods are available below.

Autumn 2000
At the time, it was unusual to see the Cam unable to cope with the volume of rainwater, although in comparison to the flooding of subsequent years it wasn't all that serious.
February 2001
The worst floods for over 20 years hit the headlines - and inundated our server with thousands of requests for these pictures!
October 2001
Yet more flooding, this time significantly worse then in February, after 87 mm of rain fell on Cambridge in just one day - a total of 94 mm over four days. The airtight "Peter Brandt" was damaged when it floated from its berth on the boathouse floor into the rack above. It was removed from harms way when floods struck yet again in the Autumn 2002.
May 1978
An external link showing floods which equalled those of 2001. However, following the 1978 storms, a great deal of engineering work on the river's sluices and gates was undertaken to "ensure it never happened again". Therefore there was arguably less water than in October 2001.

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