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May Bumps 2024

The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
Wed 12th - Sat 15th June

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Results Overview

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1st women's VIII Bumped Christ's Bumped Fitzwilliam Bumped Queens' Bumped Downing
1st men's VIII Bumped by Robinson Bumped by Hughes Hall Bumped by Fitzwilliam Bumped by Caius II
2nd men's VIII Bumped by Jesus II Rowed over Rowed over Bumped Downing II
2nd women's VIII Bumped King's II Bumped Fitzwilliam II Bumped Emmanuel IV Bumped Darwin II
3rd men's VIII Bumped by Wolfson II Rowed over Bumped by Girton II Bumped by Pembroke III

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st women's VIII

Bumped Christ's

Sing, muse of the speed of FaT W1,

The swift ship that brought many woes to Christs

And sent them to be bumped on day 2 by Clare.*

Who made them prey for Clare’s lost blades campaign,

Bringing to fulfillment the plan of Bomber.

Sing of it, from the moment the cannon went,

when FaT held off Clare, when Bomber shouted

'get angry girls' and we did indeed get angry.

*yet to be confirmed at time of writing
(Zara Bek)
Bumped Fitzwilliam
Tell me muse, of that boat of (not) many strokes,
Who bumped Fitz in just shy of 120, 
After bumping Clare the day before. 
Many the crews whose boats we saw,
Whose speeds we learned and matched.
Much pain was suffered in the middle section,
When Fitz held distance and we tried to pull them close.
Yet despite their attempts we caught them up,
because they flied and died,
foolishly hoping they could catch Queens'
But we denied them the revenge bump.
Tell us these things as you will, 
tell us how we bumped on First Post Corner,
Goddess, daughter of Zeus.
(Zara Bek)
Bumped Queens'
Beginning here, oh reader, I will recount the chase of Queen's W1.
Who bumped W1 last year, and now have fallen beneath.
We heard that Fitz gained on them, the oracle (Bomber) told us.
A good sign, but they did not give up easily. 
Sustaining overlap for most of plough reach.
But not a long time after, Alex steered into them and we picked up our third bump.
(Zara Bek)
Bumped Downing
Blades and of W1 I sing, who first bumped Christs,
Putting crucial distance between us and Clare.
To Fitz we went, and bumped them too,
then in choppy conditions down Plough Reach,
by the will of the crew we caught Queen's.
To satisfy Bomber and the will of the crew,
Day 4 was the most important yet.
We thought we would suffer much,
to catch Downing and at last raise the flag.

We did not have the 2000+m of suffering I anticipated. They geared up their blades and went kaboom 4.5 minutes in. We didn't have a whistle until about First Post, and I did not even hear three whistles before it went continuous. Alex's line around Ditton was incredible, and on the youtube video you can see us accelerate when he called a blades push. Never underestimate the power of pushing together and doing it for each other.
(Zara Bek)
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1st men's VIII

Bumped by Robinson
This was not plan A.

We got bumped coming onto the reach. It was incredibly depressing. We had a row over in the legs if we wanted it enough, but Binson clearly wanted it more. We’d got them overbumped last year, when they geared short, went out to catch us, failed and then we’re caugh by Catz I. They came for revenge, and we were unprepared. Apologies all.

With Hughes behind us, and 6,5,3 of the Blue Boat in their stern 3, it’s a tough task. 

Time for plan B, a “cunning plan.”
(Thomas Frith)
Bumped by Hughes Hall
“I have a cunning plan:”

We shot off for Robinson and did not achieve our desired result. We came close. “A canvas, a canvas/My kingdom for a canvas!”

“I have a plan:”
(Thomas Frith)
Bumped by Fitzwilliam
“I have a plan:”

They were fast. Not even around first post. They’d been faster than us all term, and we went out to hold them.
But for tomorrow:
“No worries, I have a cunning plan:”
(Thomas Frith)
Bumped by Caius II
“Baldrick[Daniel], I have a cunning plan:”

Aw shucks. The new cunning plan included a row over here and a double overbump on Maggie II.

I have no plan now, only leg pain and sorrow.

That was a pretty awful row. There was no rhythm, and the shortest bumps race I’ve done (even shorter than the 6 returner Catz M1 bump on us last year), and a pretty bad campaign.

In these 4 races, we’ve had 13 people race in M1. Most of these subs hadn’t rowed all term. Injury and illness (and annoying Scottish commitments) abounded, and we paid the price. I regret day 1, but today, with two subs, was always going to be difficult.

I’m proud of the attitude these past few days, but bitterly, bitterly regret the results. I’ve had 7 terms in M1, with last term out due to injury, and my novice term. This crew didn’t deserve the result that it was handed down, and it certainly didn’t deserve to lose Angus, Isaac, and Bella on various days. It was enjoyable to row with everyone, we just didn’t have the grit for Day 1.

Four 1st years in the boat (Isaac being a PhD 1st year doesn’t really count), three of whom learned to row here. They’ve had an accelerated start to rowing at FaT, and hopefully have an excellent time ahead of them.

I hope to rectify this campaign next year.
(Thomas Frith)
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2nd men's VIII

Bumped by Jesus II
We really came together this term to be the best boat I have rowed in by a country mile. We had one of our fastest starts but Pembroke had an amazing start getting 2.5 lengths ahead of us as we pursued them past Newnham bridge. Jesus gaining all the time, us countering push with push. We got one whistle on Pem, then two - they had died. But after a valient effort by the crew Jesus II was our downfall for the 5th time since I have joined M2. We were inside half a length on Pembroke just after first post corner. We raced the best we could and rowed home with our heads held high as we were bested by a much faster crew.
(Andrew Farquharson)
Go chase the martlet
Push off the black/red cockerel
Oh, the cockerel crows
(Toby Collins)
Rowed over
Wheels for land not sea.
Gave not a whiff, not a sniff.
Kept close by Jesus.
(Toby Collins)
Rowed over
O'erhead crab for stroke. 
Quick! recover! Push back Catz! 
We'll bump tomorrow?
(Toby Collins)
Despite our strokeman crabbing off the start and Catz immediately getting two whistles on us we recovered well and started pulling away again. Little did we know they were also rowing for their lives as Sidney I ploughed into their backs down first post reach. We rowed over after this, it was not great rowing but not bad considering we had our rhythem thrown off at the start.
(Andrew Farquharson)
Bumped Downing II
Excellent row, excellent week, Le bosh (Krisztian Hunter)
Another day, another mishap. Today we decided to make friends with first post corner. This was relatively quickly recovered and allowed us to get overlap on Downing II by Grassy. We were not so good at executing the bump doing a tier 3 bumps push down the whole of Plough reach until they finally conceded at ditton with our two seat level with their cox.
(Andrew Farquharson)
Sidney: foe of old.
Clipped the bank but kept it strong.
Claimed our bump at last.
(Toby Collins)
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2nd women's VIII

Bumped King's II
My first bumps race at stroke, and it turns out that being able to see the boat behind makes a huge difference.

There were a group of cygnets sleeping in the marshalling area.
On the plus side, they were adorable. On the down side, this meant that we had 3 boats worth of space to marshal 5 boats. This went predictably chaotically, with Fitz embedding their bow under my rigger. While extracting themselves, they also borrowed some paint off my blade, leaving a blue smear all over their bow.

Our push-out didn't go perfectly - we hit the end of the chain with 6 seconds to go and were moving backwards by the time the gun went.
That, combined with the fact that we weren't sat meant that (I think) all of bowside caught minicrabs and couldn't extract on the opening stroke and Catz took half a length out of us before we even moved.
My heart was in my mouth as I got the catch in for stroke 2, but I felt the boat accelerate under me as the power went down cleanly and I knew in that moment that we were away and safe.
Having said before the race in no uncertain terms that we were going to keep the start to max 37 to avoid the risk of an adrenaline fuelled crab, I then threw that out the window and took it up to 40+ off the start, before rhythming down to a more sedate 37.

We pushed Catz back out of whistle range and set off in hot pursuit of Kings, rapidly gaining a whistle of our own.

We bumped them shortly after the A14 bridge, in a total of 1 minute 23.5 seconds, and 48 strokes. Of those, 47 were excellent.

We actually got the bump on Kings somewhere just shy of a minute, but they didn't concede and so having made contact with their stern twice the bump was awarded by the umpire and we cleared safely to the towpath.

All in all, an excellent first day of bumps, and we proved that we can pull together and work as a crew even when things go wrong.
Onwards and upwards!
Bumped Fitzwilliam II
A somewhat smoother start to the day than yesterday, we managed to avoid Fitz at the marshalling area this time.

Our row down and our practice starts were a tad scrappy. They weren't terrible, just nowhere near the standard we hold ourselves to.

The start also went much more smoothly, we came powerfully out of the blocks with Kings behind us nowhere in sight.

Within a few strokes I heard a whistle and had a brief burst of optimism, before realising that I couldn't hear any of our bank party shouting anything whistle related.
I then realised that the whistle wasn't for us on Fitz, but for Fitz on Emma which was altogether more of an issue.

We finally got a whistle on Fitz after 30 seconds or so, but by that point they had 2 and then 3 whistles on Emma.

As we came to the end of First Post Reach, my Darwin crew that I coach were screaming full volume at us, with Leah R somehow managing to be heard clearly above all of the total chaos.

At the point we passed Darwin, we were a length off from Fitz, and Fitz were within a canvas of Emma.
They quickly closed that to overlap, with us still a length behind.
At this point, Bomber yelled "Move" in a voice which left very little room for interpretation, nuance or disagreement; providing a clear indication that unless we had a burning desire to chase LMBC all the way to top finish for an overbump attempt we should hurry up and gain some ground on Fitz.

The boat took off for an all-or-nothing sprint, and Fitz saw that and did the same thing. 
In their haste to bump before we got there, they lunged for Emma's stern around First Post corner and missed.
Having overcommitted, they then ran wide and we reeled them in and bumped them on the exit of the corner.

I believe Fitz and Emma were between a canvas and overlap for a full minute, thus making this one of the most spectacular and nailbiting races I've ever been a part of.
I didn't actually know how close it was at the time - I was busy just trying to set a rhythm that the crew could follow while dealing with the fact that every piece of technique I'd ever learned had decided to go out the window, leaving me rowing with all the power and poise of a week 2 novice.
From a personal standpoint, probably the worst race I've ever rowed (it's a close call with the M3 Talbott Cup I subbed into 3 hours post bike-crash), and yet somehow we pulled a rabbit out of the hat and got the bump by the skin of our teeth.

3 minutes 14.7 seconds (so close to Pi!!) and 112 strokes. On my side at least, at least 110 of them were crap.

It was a lot of luck, along with a lot of hard work training that got us there. Hopefully it's not that close a call tomorrow and I can row more than 2 good strokes!
Bumped Emmanuel IV
A much smoother day today.
There was a massive rainstorm during the row up from marshalling to our station, so we did our practice start in driving rain before rowing the actual race in dry conditions.

Stroke coach decided to die on me just as we started, so no stats for today, but it was somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes total, from just before the bridge to just before first post.

3 days done, 1 to go.
The only problem is that we're chasing the Darwin crew I coach tomorrow. It's going to be an emotional day no matter what happens
Bumped Darwin II

Unfortunately at the expense of my Darwin Crew.
Super proud of everyone in both boats <3 <3
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3rd men's VIII

Bumped by Wolfson II
First day of bumps, and first bumps race for most of the rowers in the crew (me included). The start was very panicky and very rushed, and we maintained our stroke rate at 39 after the Rhythm call (when we were supposed to drop it to 34-36), leading to Kim (our cox) calling a second Rhythm, which fixed the issue.

We put up a decent fight against Wolfson II, but once they were within half a length the crew started panicking, and we got bumped a few seconds afterwards. A harsh but realistic start of their first bumps for the crew who thought they could over-bump into sandwich boat, for sure.
(Brian Chen)
Rowed over
A very exciting race (I shouldn't have given my bank party slot to Alex W), Pem thought they had caught us and held it up allowing Girton to do a clean overtake and remove our competition. This led to quite a nice row over once the rowers had calmed down and remembered what rowing was.
(Andrew Farquharson)
Very nice row-over. The start was a lot better than Day 1, but we still panicked a bit after seeing Pembroke III closing in. Gladly and very luckily they stopped thinking they've bumped us, and after Girton II overtook them we knew we were sort of in the clear.

As the row-over plan is underway, I became even more focused, to the point where I wasn't able to hear Kim (our cox)'s voice. The only thing I remember hearing was Alex (our coach) periodically shouting "Legs, legs!" from the bank, upon which I would start to fix my posture and power with my legs & back, then I would hear "That's better" from Alex, before hearing "Legs, legs" again a few moments later.

After we passed the top finish, the crew is happier than I've ever seen. We cheered each other as Kim called each pair to drop out to relax and drink water (cue my "No water but bow pair is ready!") and we happily rowed home without stopping.
(Brian Chen)
Bumped by Girton II
Third race day, everyone is becoming familiar with bumps and we did one of our best starts, quickly catching Hughs Hall II to 1/3 length before First Post Corner. We then maintained the distance until Girton II somehow accelerated very quickly out of the Corner and quickly bumped us afterwards. It was a very nice race and we simply lost to a stronger opponent, but we were indeed quite close to bumping Hughs Hall II.

After we and Girton II stopped, Pembroke III "bumped" into Girton II, who didn't hold it up and crashed into us, taking off our rudder in the process. We rowed home in middle four with bow pair making adjustments to the direction. Even though rain poured down harshly on our way home, gladly everyone was in high alert and no further damage was caused.
(Brian Chen)
I was back on the bank today to witness the most interesting (scary?) row home of M3's rowing career. Girton caught up to us just after Grassy but failed to hold it up upon hitting us. This put a hole in our stern and destroyed our rudder. We had to row home inner four rowing and outer four taking the run at various points to steer. Alex B was invaluable to keep an eye on our now erratic steering and get us home without further incident. (I reported the incident and managed to get Girton fined £125)
(Andrew Farquharson)
Bumped by Pembroke III
Pembroke were angry. Very, very angry. As they should be really, managing to fail to bump us on Thursday, getting bumped as a result and having to wait until Saturday to get another shot. 

M3 rowed the best I've seen them, it was strong, gutsy and they were inside station on Girton. Unfortunately Pembroke wanted revenge.
(Zara Bek)
Today was a very valient effort from M3. They have really come together as a crew over the term and I am so proud of their performance in their Mays campaign; despite me wanting to kill some of them on occasion they really were a joy to manage this term.
(Andrew Farquharson)
A rainy race day, but an excellent start. Everything was a bit rushed compared with Day 3, but we still put up a very decent fight against Pembroke III. Unfortunately they were simply stronger (and potentially very angry for their down-1 on Thursday...) so they caught us very quickly around First Post Corner.

Last day of bumps. We rowed home, down 3 in four days but happier than ever. The rain stopped, the sun came out, and Kim started playing music on the cox box. We laughed together at the amazing experiences as a team, and rowed to the beats to Jesus Lock & back. This was the best fun I've had in a long time, and so far one of my most cherished memories in Cambridge. Bumps are inherently competitive, and we were indeed an almost-spooned crew. But we put up a good fight every day of the week, and I am proud of what we've achieved as a team (especially compared with what I started with).

Yeah FaT, and Yeah M3!
(Brian Chen)

1. M3 after racing

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, May Bumps 2024

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, May Bumps 2024

Michell Cup points

Clare Hall40.00
Lucy Cavendish30.00
St. Catharine's28.00
Sidney Sussex26.40
Hughes Hall24.00
1st and 3rd2.40
Trinity Hall-18.00

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Murray Edwards30.00
St. Edmund's12.00
Vets School12.00

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