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Queens' Novice Ergo Competition, Mich Term 2022

A 500m team ergo competition for Novice & Senior VIIIs.
Sun 6th November

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1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

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Mixed VIIIs, 1st division

10th overall
Time: 13:36.6
After a rather autocratic approach to crew selection, we went over and did it, with zero preparation, and straight after an outing for the men.

We entered as the “FaT Absolute Muppets”, inspired by Bomber (though he has mostly moved on to ham sandwiches this term).

I was given (forced into accepting) the privilege of going first. This proved to be a problem as I proved all too happy to maintain 1:20 splits as the allure of remaining in the lead proved to be too strong. I ended pulling 1:35s, which is not quite ideal.

A lack of preparation then plagued us, as not only my changeover to Xander (sorry Xander) but also Csongi’s into George resulted in undesirable delays.

I don’t remember much about the women’s side erging - I was still a little dead, and focused on shouting at them - apart from three of them being really well-paced, maintaining 1:50 or thereabouts the whole way. 

Allegedly, I was scary, or “would have been if I didn’t know you” while encouraging them.

Some photographic evidence, somewhere, exists to show Csongi holding 1:15 splits for way too long, completely forgetting how to row in the process. He ended by pulling above 1:40. (Again, the timer running over the changeover makes it hard to compare times, but his 500m section was done in 1:32.1 despite (or because of) his heroic start).
(Thomas Frith)
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2nd men's novice VIII, 1st division

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3rd men's novice VIII, 1st division

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1st women's novice VIII, 1st division

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2nd women's novice VIII, 1st division

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