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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2022

1st women's IV (Women's Time-only IV+s)

Coxed by: Emily Man

I joined the other three rowers who had already raced that day for the afternoon division, and, simultaneously, as I was told before setting off, entering into a seat race with our captain. The wind had picked up in the afternoon which made the Reach particularly challenging, as was reflected in the photographed facial expressions of W1(b). Despite these windy conditions and the fact that most of the crew had already raced earlier that day, we managed to keep the rate at 33 throughout. The cox made sure to remind us to keep the power in the legs as we battled to keep Scylla as set as possible, with Bomber’s recommendation to row with an extra clam helping us through the particularly bumpy areas. Despite the harsh conditions and the exhaustion of the 3 rowers that had already raced once, we managed to race the course quicker than the morning division, even if only by 2 seconds. Overall two successful but challenging races and a victorious seat race. 

(Hannah Herbert-Owens)

1. W1(b) racing at Autu...

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