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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2021

A 2700m timed head race on the Cam for Cambridge College novice VIIIs.
Thu 2nd December

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1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

Time: 10:35
A tidy row, with good guts in the first half. Lost some legs by the time they got to the Railway Bridge, but carried it to the line. Great job by Sam Gerrard on the coaching front: notably the most together crew on the river today. (Forbes)
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2nd men's novice VIII, 1st division

4th NM2, 17th overall
Time: 11:45
Only managed to see the tail end but witnessed some spicy overtaking. I'm sure it was a fun one! (Forbes)
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1st women's novice VIII, 2nd division

Time: 12:23
It is a truth universally acknowledged that coming second to Caius equates to winning. This was certainly the approach taken by an overjoyed crew when they arrived back at the boathouse to Lee ecstatically jumping up and down. Bomber’s advice on taking longer build strokes allowed us to have a much calmer start, with the crew staying together for the majority of the race without any significant mistakes, and fantastic racing lines taken by the cox, showed just how much NW1 had improved in the weeks since Winter Head. Our jubilance at coming second was all the more pronounced as, although we knew we had rowed cleanly, no one felt that we had pulled off such a good performance.  (Phoebe)
Very cool result. Difficult to compare to Caius these days for some reason, but a solid gap between us and the rest of the field. This crew showcased some steely drive in this race as well as some clear speed, so it's exciting to see what that will add to the squad next term.

 I also think Bomber really, really enjoyed Lee's triumphant scream of victory.
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4th men's novice VIII, 3rd division

1st NM4, 2nd in NM3 and below
Time: 13:34
Taking part in The Fairbairn Cup has been a challenging, yet extremely rewarding, experience. I arrived wondering what it would be like to actually do a rowing competition. It was special from the beginning: when the crew moved, we were more synchronised than ever before. Especially at the beginning, everything came naturally and it felt light and surprisingly effortless. As we went on, the tiredness kicked in and my forearms and legs got very soar, but I knew I could not stop until the end. When we got there, I was feeling euphoric. Then the results came in: not only were we the fastest NM4, we also beat every NM3 (including our own) except for the fastest one, which we only missed by 4 seconds! Everyone in the crew, as well as our coaches, was happy, and I think this experience made the bond between us considerably stronger. I really look forward to racing again, this time in a senior crew! By Isaac Figliuoli (Matilda Watts)
Strong row with a satisfying result to boot - hard to believe they're a novice fourth crew. Just four seconds off Maggie NM3...impressive! Great to see the depth in the squad continuing, even with the past year and a half. (Forbes)
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3rd men's novice VIII, 1st division

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2nd women's novice VIII, 3rd division

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