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Fairbairn Cup 2021

1st women's novice VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Daniel Leong

Time: 20:43.6
Buoyed by our success the day before, NW1 came to Senior Fairbairns very relaxed, determined to treat it as good experience rowing so far without any queues. Of course, there were queues, at both the start and end. However, in addition to another clean row, we also put in a good performance singing ‘YMCA’ at the lock, warmed by the wonderful atmosphere and kindly provided hot chocolate and mince pies. The distance of the race was certainly a challenge, and even though our rate ranged from 18-26, legs and feathering arms were all very fatigued by the end of the race. Of course as novices we would never achieve the pinnacle of success we had at Novice FairbairnsFaT NW1 still managed to row faster than Magdalene W1, and finished the term pleased with our performance, and deeply grateful to those that facilitated it.  (Phoebe)

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