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The Club's Results

Fairbairn Cup 2019

A 4300m timed head race on the Cam for VIIIs
Fri 6th December

The official results can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st men's VIII, Senior VIIIs

Fastest Men's VIII
Time: 14:32
Maelle-Marie absolutely nailed it.
And we won Fairbairns.

(W.J. Hardy)
I’ve been really impressed with the commitment and focus of this crew through the term, and the hard work they’ve put in has certainly paid off. Really well put together race, with a quick start meaning at the halfway mark they were already 3s up on the next best in the field. The real damage was done in the second half of the race, when the training put in through the term paid off. The crew were able to maintain a very consistent speed for the first 3.5k of the course, and stepped on through the corners with a fast finish down first post reach. They ended up 10s ahead of the next fastest college crew, and 8s ahead of Granta*. Fantastic end to the term and bodes well for training camp and Lent to come! 

Dub season is upon us.

*Granta were obstructed by a barge, costing them ~7.9s
(P. Robinson)
Unlike the Royal Mail, the boys always deliver (Jedge)
Aaaaand that’s a wrap.  (Forbes)
The first FaT victory in this race for 11 years and the first Cambridge college to win it for 6 years. 

Culmination of a well-structured and committed term: we went out hard and managed to hold on for the course. A great crew who I can't wait to row with again in Lent - subject to them fighting for their seats! 

(H.J. Hampson)
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BPBC 1st men's VIII, Invitation VIIIs

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2nd men's VIII, Senior VIIIs

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1st men's novice VIII, Senior VIIIs

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M4 – Novice-Senior boat, Mixed NM2 NM3 NM4 and senior boat with a Novice Homerton CBC rower, Senior VIIIs

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