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University IVs 2018

A knockout competition for Cambridge College IVs over 2000m.
Mon 22nd - Thu 25th October

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1st men's IV, Light IVs

Lost by 9s to Clare
Being in a squad system and patchy availability meant that this was the second time this IV went out, although various combinations of 3 rowers had been out reasonably often. The row down started off as a bit nervy, but became more relaxed as we approached the lock. 

As it stands, the row was very committed and surprisingly pleasant for a scratch IV. Focus on being keeping relaxed meant that we probably could have been braver off the start - I feel that Clare IV had a strong start down first post reach which is where they made most of their gains. Fantastic lines from Will and good pushes down the straights meant that we held/moved away from them past first post corner (bit hard to judge distances though), but unfortunately it was not quite enough to hand us the win. However, the Clare IV- is a formidable boat (with a former CUBC spare pair at stroke), and I don't think this is a result we should be ashamed of, but something to build on approaching Senior Fairbairns. 
(D. Lee)
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1st women's IV, 1st division

1st round
lost by 3s to Girton
This was a close race with us moving nicely at the start. A powerful start gave us some distance on Girton but unfortunately an extremely poor corner (resulting from very unevenly matched sides), and our bow seat injuring her wrist resulted in the opposition edging back and eventually taking the win. Overall not a bad race for a scratch crew with little training together! (B.C. Ladd)
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2nd men's IV, 2nd division

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2nd women's IV, 1st division

1st round
lost to Lady Margaret W2
We wound the rate up higher than in any of our practice starts, and the boat felt surprisingly good in the early parts. The first half of the race was close, but our lack of serious training as a crew showed as we lost a lot of ground on the reach. The cox tried to wind it down a few strokes before the finish (sorry!) but the result of the race had already been decided. Very pleased with the row given how few outings the crew had together! (A.M.L. Sun)
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