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Lent Bumps 2017

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Neil Ibata
Coached by: Matthew Griffiths

Bumped Clare Hall

After a term of solid endeavour towards regaining the M3 headship, M3 initiated their 2017 Bumps campaign with quiet confidence, with M4 having beaten the reigning M3 headship holders LMBC in sparring the week before.

Nevertheless, the unique format of Bumps provided for an interesting set of challenges. M3 set off perhaps auspiciously, stroke missing the first draw, as if to wave to the other boats in competitive greeting.

Since NM1 had outpaddled Clare Hall M1 some time in week 6 last term, we had hopes of a success today. These hopes were fulfilled rather later than expected, with a smooth line from Neil wiping out the opposition at the apex of Grassy.

This is one step forwards, a kill which was prolonged in coming, and one which will be renewed in the next few days.

(J. Armstrong)
Rowed over

After LMBC III had bumped Magdalene II yesterday at the start of the Reach, it seemed as if our chances would be good to continue our upward surge.

Annoyingly, as is with Bumps, Magdalene II hungered for revenge and smashed LMBC back before First Post, leading us to row over cleanly with little distraction from behind.

(J. Armstrong)
Rowed over
...headship retained. Highest M3 on the river - conquest. (J. Armstrong)

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