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Lent Bumps 2017

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Sophie Maclean

Bumped Darwin II
We went in to this race knowing we had a reasonable chance of bumping, but there were no guarantees. Despite starting pointing 45 degrees away from the bank, a call for strokeside pressure got us back on track and we started gaining on Darwin W2 fast. By about 20 strokes in, we had got our first whistle and started to get excited. We held it together and soon got to three whistles. Unfortunately, this we when we caught a crab, but a speedy recovery meant we barely lost touch with Darwin and were soon at continuous whistles. Darwin's cox conceded just before First Post Corner, after we had rowed a mere 52 strokes. Jesus W3, who were chasing us, failed to make any move on us. Overall it was a great first day, especially considering it was the first bumps race 8/9 of our crew had ever races. After a fantastic row home, day 2 looks like it will be exciting! (S.L.C. Maclean)
A birthday bump for me, first bumps experience couldn't have been better. With the whole crew singing happy birthday to me as we put on our greenery. From the cannon to the whistles there seemed to be no gap! Absolutely exhilarating, we really came together as a crew. (B.A. Clent)
Rowed over

From what we had seen the previous day, we knew we could be faster than Queens' W2. The only issue was that Queens' were also faster than Murray Edwards W2, who they were chasing. Our start wasn't quite as strong as the previous day, but we strode into our rhythm and at times got within a length of Queens'. Unfortunately Queens' bumped Medwards shortly after First Post Corner. We had a reset and settle in for a longer race. Coming in to Plough Reach, Lucy Cavendish/ Hughes Hall W2 were about 4 lengths ahead of us and we were aiming for the overbump. Coming round Ditton, the headwind hit. Lucy Cav/ Hughes Hall took a push shortly after and, though we moved on them, always managed to fight back and keep us away. We stayed strong until the end though, and produced a technically decent row. The final result was a row over, with no risk of any crew behind catching us.

(S.L.C. Maclean)
Bumped Murray Edwards II
Going in to today, we knewbumping Medwards was going to be fairly straightforward. Our start was okay, but still not back to the power we had on day 1. Part way through the start sequence, Jesus W3, who were chasing us, were awarded an albeit generous whistle. This caused a bit of panic and a crab, but we recovered and kept moving on Medwards, soon getting a whistle ourselves. This was when Hughes Hall, who were three crews ahead of us, bumped St Edmund's and the two crews failed to clear quickly, causing Queens' to not take First Post Corner as well as they could have done. Soon Medwards had a whistle on Queens'. At this point, we called a push and got to within half a length of Medwards, whilst Queens' simultaneously recovered and pulled away. By the Gut, we had three whistles and were still moving. We bumped on Grassy Corner, with our bow's blade hitting their stern. Another successful day for W2! (S.L.C. Maclean)

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