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University IVs 2016

2nd men's IV (2nd division)

Coxed by: Kristina Bifani

Quarter finals
Lost to LMBC M2
This was always going to be an 'interesting' race, given that (amongst other factors) we were a scratch IV, not all of us had been rowing recently, and none of us had rowed recently in a (non-coastal) IV.

The row to the marshalling area was not very promising, with the boat always down to one side or the other and little sense of rowing together (even after my footplates were successfully attached to the boat). Our practice start (unsurprisingly in the circumstances) was rushed and chaotic.

However, upon arrival we discovered our captain's cunning plan: by marshalling 90 minutes early for our division, we were presumably hoping that the race officials would assume either that our opponents had scratched or that we were 90 minutes faster than them. Unfortunately no-one was fooled and we had plenty of time to get cold on the bank before our opponents, Maggie M2, arrived. After a further delay due to an errant novice boat on the course, we finally set off.

I think the race start was better than the practice one and for a while we actually seemed to be vaguely fast and balanced. However, I think we were only rating in the mid 20s and composure came and went during the race. During our worse periods Maggie (who were chasing us, and who I suspect may have been doing slightly more training as a IV than us) advanced a lot. I think we just about prevented them from getting their bows in front of ours (though they certainly overlapped a lot) and were holding them at the end, which suggests that we have a good mentality ready for Bumps but is not so relevant during a time trial. (Chris E.)

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