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Lent Bumps 2016

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Robert Shearme

Rowed over
A really positive start to bumps. We got better and better as the race went on. As space opened up behind and ahead of us, we committed to a long race and kept the power on, improving our cohesion and rhythm all the way down the course. No one was complacent, and the commitment never wavered. As we got to the P&E, we were surprised to hear a lot of crews shouting 'You're going to bump Downing,' followed by a bumps push call from Rob. Following Downing's crab, we closed to within a length, but they managed to recover and get to the end first. Nonetheless, it was great to see us find the extra gear and take it up at the end. It was an excellent start to what we hope will be a fantastic bumps campaign.

So sorry not to be able to be in the boat for this bumps campaign, but I will provide from inside from the towpath!

The whole race felt solid and composed after a nice start. Very soon, the river around the boat cleared up, as Queen's got bumped by Newnham, and Downing pulled away quickly trying to bump Jesus before the got Emma (a failed attempt). 

Even though Downing was about 5 lengths ahead down the reach, the commitment and technique stayed strong. I could see some pain faces, grins and frowns, but there was no significant slump or loss of speed.

As I arrived at the P&E I heard a lot of crews shouting at us to bump, and I first thought it was because we were really popular (well, we are! Especially with our cute lion on the bows ^^). Then I looked a bit more closely and saw that Downing was stationary. I supposed they had forgotten that the finish had moved, but a Jesus rower informed me that their bow girl had caught a crab, tried to recover, and subsequently caught another, which caused the boat to stop. This quasi-mythical scenario had happened, the one that coaches bring up at crew chats to get us to keep rowing in earnest until the finish line  ("you never know what can happen, they can catch a crab!")

Rob called a bumps push, and Valkyrie accelerated. Downing, to their credit, recovered very quickly and launched into a start sequence that got them through the line about a length ahead of us.
(Zoe W.)
Bumped by Newnham
Chins up ladies, there are better things to come later in the week! Excited to see a bump when I'm there on Saturday! (Julia A.)
It is not easy to be bumped, but we gave it everything we had and made Newnham fight for it. We had a really good start, but could not manage to hold off Newnham as they found their stride. They steadily moved up on us, and although we we able to move away at times, it was not enough in this case. We are ready to look ahead to the next few days of racing!

Bumped by Pembroke
Girls-well blood sweeted and teared! Shit and down 3 happens. Looking forward to the Mays campaign! (B. Kesek)

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